Bitcoin, Digital Nomaddery, and Why We Don’t Need Government w/ Dominic Frisby – Connecting Minds Podcast Ep10

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Episode 10 of the Connecting Minds podcast features Dominic Frisby – writer, actor, comedian, presenter, and more! He’s the author of a book I love, “Bitcoin – the Future of Money?”, and a couple of more awesome books on finance, tax, and the state that will change the way you think about certain things…. What a pleasure to converse with Dominic – he’s certainly had a profound positive influence influence on my life and those of many others!

Links to Dominic’s books, website, and YouTube channels:

Youtube:  and
Daylight Robbery- How Tax Shaped Our Past And Will Change Our Future
The Shadowpunk Revolution
Bitcoin – the Future of Money?
Life After The State

Topics discussed on this episode:

  • Dominic’s background and how he got into economics.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Being a digital nomad in this world.
  • Why we don’t need government.
  • How the state has become bigger over the last century while not doing much in proportion to what it takes from the people.