I Help Busy Women Reclaim Their Health and Thrive

Hi, I'm Christian

I’m a health and longevity author and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). My mission and passion is to teach people like you how to restore your health, optimise it, and transform your life so that together we can build a better world for our children.

The majority of clients I serve are: 

     – Premenopausal women struggling with stress, overwhelm, anxiety, digestive problems, PMS and hormonal imbalances, weight gain, and/or sleep issues.

      – Postmenopausal women struggling with hormonal imbalance, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues and/or excess weight.

      – Mother-child pairs where the mom has health issues and the child has gut dysfunction (e.g. constipation) or a diagnosis (usually autism).

I also help women preparing for pregnancy or recovering from one (sometimes with the plan to have another child). And the occasional man “slips through the cracks” when they hear me on a podcast or seek help for their child or their partner gets them involved, so rest assured you will be well taken care of if you’re one of those exceptional individuals.

Many clients come to me as a last resort, after exhausting all other options without any success. I’ve seen a wide range of complex cases spanning severe gut dysfunction, toxicity, chronic fatigue, and other debilitating health issues, so if you’re ready break the cycle of trial-and-error and suffering, schedule your free intro call so we can meet and discuss your situation. 

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My functional approach

1. Identify imbalances across all body systems through functional lab testing, metabolic function assessment, observation, conversation, and survey of your nutrition, lifestyle, environment, and stressors.

2. Address imbalances (instead of trying to suppress symptoms) with a customised and comprehensive natural approach that covers gut balancing, detoxification, stress reduction, diet, supplementation, sleep and light hygiene, EMF amelioration, and other areas as needed.

3. Correct course and overcome challenges that arise with ongoing consultation sessions, chat support, and audio and video resources. Re-test and amend protocols where necessary.

Why it works

Symptoms are always a result of underlying dysfunction in the body. Instead just trying to make them “go away” by masking or suppressing them, the functional paradigm that we leverage seeks to uncover the hidden imbalances deeper in the body that cause or contribute to the issue/s. We then use natural health-building protocols that are designed specifically for you.

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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® practitioners do not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition. Nothing we share with our clients is intended to substitute for the advice, treatment or diagnosis of a qualified licensed physician. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) practitioners may not make any medical diagnoses or claim, nor substitute for your personal physician’s care. It is the role of a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® practitioner to partner with their clients to provide ongoing support and accountability in an opt-in model of self-care and should be done under the supervision of a licensed physician.