Christian is a health author and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner. He has worked with clients with severe gastrointestinal ailments, toxicity, and debilitating chronic fatigue. He has helped people with autoimmune and neurological conditions, skin disorders, hypothyroidism, insomnia, depression, autism, obesity, and other metabolic problems. The clients he serves are busy parents, professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs.

His latest book, How to Actually Live Longer, Vol. 1, is the first in his series on slowing the ageing process and increasing longevity. He is also author of the book Autism Wellbeing Plan: How to Get Your Child Healthy — a comprehensive resource for parents to understand the most common health problems from which autistic children suffer, and how to address them.

In his clinical work, Christian uses functional lab testing to identify hidden metabolic and health imbalances, and teaches clients how to use diet, supplementation, detoxification, stress reduction, sleep optimisation, and other strategies to address their chronic health issues and transform their lives for the better.

Christian is a certified Buteyko breathing instructor, Pn1 Nutrition Coach, GrowBaby practitioner, and is also certified in personal training, fitness instruction, and sports and event massage therapy.

He is also host of two podcasts, Connecting Minds and Children’s Health Podcast.

How I Help Clients Optimise their Health and Longevity

My functional approach

1. Identify imbalances across all body systems through functional lab testing, metabolic function assessment, observation, conversation, and survey of your nutrition, lifestyle, environment, and stressors.

2. Address imbalances (instead of trying to suppress symptoms) with a customised and comprehensive natural approach that covers gut balancing, detoxification, stress reduction, diet, supplementation, sleep and light hygiene, EMF amelioration, and other areas as needed.

3. Support the client on their journey back to health. Correct course and overcome challenges that arise with ongoing consultation sessions, chat support, and audio and video resources. Re-test and amend protocols where necessary.

Why it works

Symptoms are always a result of underlying dysfunction in the body. Instead just trying to make them “go away” by masking or suppressing them, the functional paradigm that we leverage seeks to uncover the hidden imbalances deeper in the body that cause or contribute to the issue/s. We then use natural health-building protocols that are designed specifically for you.

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Once I met Christian Yordanov I almost immediately ditched my doctors in the United States and now exclusively use him to help me manage and monitor my health. We started by running a diagnostic test and as a result we changed up my diet, added supplements specifically targeting my needs, and I now feel better at 50 than I did when I was 25 years old. I quite literally trust Christian with my life at this point.

Charlie Robinson, No.1 Best-selling Author & Host of the Macroaggressions Podcast