The War on the Family Unit – w/ Simon Esler

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Simon Esler is a seasoned actor, writer, filmmaker, unschooling father and long time truth teller on a mission to win the ongoing war against free thought & human liberty.

With over 15 years of experience as a theatre maker, 5 years as a professional content creator and a background as a former minister, Simon uplifts hidden truths using deep insight and laughter as weapons.

His wide ranging digital portfolio includes the documentary collaboration with film maker Adam Riva, Vague Rules: insight into communist warfare in North America (,

The series Worlds Within: a three season exploration of the spiritual nature of warfare, cultivating inner awareness, and the mystery of human learning (Rise.TV); my 60 minute sketch comedy special Theorize About Conspiracies! (Rise.TV), and my sci-fi sketch comedy series Simon Esler’s Dystopian Imaginarium (Rise.TV). My latest docuseries, Superorganism, explores the occulted war on the family and the traditional family unit.

Today we discuss his latest film, Cut: Daughters of the West, which is an investigation into cosmetic surgery, feminist sexual liberation, and modern media trends as part of a warped legacy that was being handed to young girls as a foundation for gender ideology to take hold.

​For girls already struggling with the pain and confusion of adolescence, did the message that the body is an obstacle to who you truly are leave an open wound for transgenderism to exploit?

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