Mathematics: The Language of the Creator w/ Marty Leeds – Connecting Minds Podcast Ep09

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Today on Connecting Minds we have Marty Leeds – author, musician, and content creator. His work covers  symbolism, mythology, numerology, gematria and sacred geometry. We talk about seeing the fingerprints of the Creator in the mathematics of the world around us, the human body, and even in various sacred texts like the Bible. Fascinating stuff!

Links to Marty’s website and YouTube channel:

Marty’s website:
YouTube Channel

Topics discussed on this episode: 

  • Marty’s background and work.
  • The mathematics in the world around us.
  • The fingerprint of the Creator found in the human body, for example on the hands.
  • The hidden numerology in the Bible and other sacred texts.
  • What is gematria?
  • The number 666.
  • The significance of Pi.
  • The shift in the English language that allowed encoding of certain numbers into various words and phrases.
  • Chess and the various things it encodes.