Eye Health w/ Dr Sam Berne – Connecting Minds Podcast Ep31

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On this episode of Connecting Minds..

Dr. Sam Berne’s Bio

Dr. Sam Berne has been a thought leader in the field of Behavioral/Holistic Optometry and Vision Therapy for over thirty years. He is an internationally-known author, researcher, facilitator, and teacher who uses a multidisciplinary approach applying a diverse variety of disciplines some of which include vision therapy, child development, nutrition, traumatic-brain-injury, Continuum Movement, medicinal essential oils, craniosacral therapy, dolphin-assisted therapy, and color therapy biofield analysis, with respect to expanding human potential. Via his successful private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he developed innovative methods for healing the mind-body-spirit through eye therapy.  Dr. Berne has promoted his unconventional philosophy of “throwing out labels, letting go of cookbook solutions and treating patients from the present forward.” Opposed to measuring a patient’s problems based on only mainstream ideas, Dr. Berne has historically treated patients on a case-by-case basis. Visit him at: www.DrSamBerne.com

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