The GrowBaby genetic panel covers genes related to the following biological areas: 

    • Lipid metabolism
    • Inflammation
    • Detoxification – Phase 1
    • Detoxification – Phase 2
    • Methylation
    • Cell signalling
    • Monoamine oxidase metabolism
    • Neurotrophic pathway
    • Progesterone metabolism
    • Melatonin metabolism
    • Insulin sensitivity, secretion and metabolism
    • Vitamin D requirements

Knowing the genetic variations associated with possible weaknesses in key biological areas that affect maternal and fetal health allows practitioners to design tailored diet, nutritional, and lifestyle protocols that can help to improve mom’s health prior to getting pregnant, create the optimal conditions for a healthy pregnancy, and set her up for a successful recovery (also extremely important, but often overlooked). Watch the video below to see a sample GrowBaby test report.

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