The DUTCH Cycle Mapping dried urine test (at-home collection) maps the progesterone and estrogen pattern throughout the menstrual cycle. It provides the full picture of a woman’s cycle and is useful in building a more complete clinical picture in situations such as:

    • Women whose hormonal symptoms tend to fluctuate throughout the cycle
    • Women with irregular cycles
    • PMS, mid-cycle spotting, migraines, etc.
    • Infertility issues
    • PCOS
    • Women with cycling hormones and no menses

Nine estrogen and progesterone measurements are taken throughout the cycle to characterize the follicular, ovulatory, and luteal phases.

The expected pattern of hormones is:

    • Relatively low estrogen levels early in the cycle
    • A surge of estrogen around ovulation
    • Modest estrogen levels in the latter third of the cycle (the luteal phase)
    • Progesterone levels stay relatively low until after ovulation
    • After ovulation progesterone levels ideally increase (>10-fold) and then drop back down at the end of the cycle

A disruption in this cycle can lead to infertility or hormonal imbalance. A sample report is shown below.

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