After our son's autism diagnosis, Christian was the first person who pointed us in the right direction. I can't thank him enough for this! All doctors we have seen didn't want to look deeper into the issues our son had. He had terrible digestive problems right from his early days. He was extremely selective with food and could survive only on gallons of milk, bread, and biscuits. Christian advised on the diet change and just some simple vitamins to start with. He explained the importance of a healthy diet that will nurture his body and help to heal his damaged gut. We followed up with some tests that confirmed that our son had dysbiosis and some harmful bacteria in his gut. We found out that his body is slow to detox and is extremely sensitive. With the right tests, we were able to set some goals and create a protocol we were implementing thought the year. After changing in diet and right supplementation our son started to grow faster, he became a more energetic and healthy-looking boy. We have noticed positive improvements in his behavior and his eating habits are improving with time. All our family switched to a different diet which was a huge effort both emotionally and financially, but this was the best decision we have made for our family. We only see the positive impact this had on everyone's health. Without any hesitation, I recommend Christian to anyone who is tired of treating symptoms and want to get rid of the real cause!



Children's Health Consulting



Please never allow yourself to be made to feel guilty that you are trying to fix your child.


We have to delineate between “fixing” and “addressing serious hidden health imbalances”.


“Fixing” in my view would trying to mould our children into something they are not. Like trying to change their character or personality, or the little quirks that they have. We have to let our kids be whoever they are!


But…If you went to the doctor today, and she ran some blood tests and saw that your child is iron deficient and prescribed an iron supplement, what would you do and feel? You would simply buy the supplement and use as directed, right? Would you feel like your child is broken or that you are bad person for trying to “fix” your child? Or that somehow you are not “accepting” your child for who they are? How preposterous is that? Almost as preposterous as saying “you are trying to help your child overcome this cold/flu, you are not accepting your child as they are, you are trying to fix your child” when your child is sick.


You are simply addressing an imbalance that was HIDDEN from you that you now know about! An imbalance that will lead to health problems if you do not do something about it.


If you have read my book or listened to my podcast, you should be well aware that autistic children often suffer from a myriad of HIDDEN underlying health challenges that go unidentified for years and cause the children UNNEEDED SUFFERING. And of course, your whole family’s quality of life is affected.


Common issues include:


  • Gastrointestinal problems (e.g. constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, reflux, maldigestion, leaky gut)
  • Gut infections/overgrowths (e.g. parasites, bacterial, or fungal)
  • Food allergies or sensitivities
  • Sleep problems
  • Nutrient deficiencies or imbalances
  • Impaired immune function
  • Heavy metal or chemical toxicity


The intention of the health consulting service is to help you quickly identify and start addressing your child’s imbalances.


Let me stress something here: we all have some imbalances. Even the healthier people you meet may have nutrient inadequacies, yeast overgrowth, food sensitivities, heavy metal and chemical accumulation and so on.


But as you know from my educational resources, in the case of autistic children there are often many things going on at the same time. And over time the underlying issues can become more complex and lead to a vicious cycle of dysfunction (e.g. gut problems -> inflammation -> immune dysregulation -> food sensitivities -> food malabsorption -> nutrient deficiencies -> antioxidant depletion -> oxidative stress -> neurotoxicity -> neurological symptoms -> etc).


This “vicious cycle” is exactly what you want to interrupt. You want to remove impediments to health, add what is missing (nutrients: protein, healthy fats, minerals, vitamins), and let your child do the rest.


As parents, our role is provide the conditions where our kids can THRIVE. When a person gets healthier, various symptoms subside and some even go away completely. A lot of symptoms that children exhibit are often attributed to whatever diagnosis a practitioner has decided to pin on them. But a “label” does not cause anything – very often underlying physiological imbalance have outward manifestations. The mind and body are inextricably connected. You improve the hardware (the body and its functions) and the software (e.g. cognition) will run more smoothly.


The best strategy is to get the person as healthy as possible and not chase symptoms.


I want to teach you how to get your child as healthy as possible.


We are not fixing anything, there is nothing to “fix”. But our modern environment and lifestyle carry with them threats and exposures that did not exist 100 years ago. Depleted soils, toxic chemicals and heavy metals, processed “foods” (if we can even call them foods), EMFs, unnatural light, lack of sun exposure, psychological stress, and a myriad of other factors can undermine your health and your child’s health. As adults, we can withstand a much bigger toxic onslaught before outward dysfunction and symptoms start to appear…but our kids are MUCH MORE VULNERABLE. This is why the incidence of childhood conditions has skyrocketed over the past few decades. (Don’t let anyone fool you that it is mostly “genetic”.)


I will help you navigate these threats and learn how to protect your family so that you can thrive and live your best lives.

You don’t necessarily have to run a bunch of lab tests to work with me, though the more data we can gather the better the outcomes we can achieve. Many parents get incredible value from simply having a pair of trained eyes look at their child’s health history, diet, supplements, and presentation, as well as analysing factors in the home environment that can be improved.


With the health consultation service, you choose how much support you need. However, my recommendation would be to consider going with a package, because making fundamental positive changes to your child’s diet, home environment, and your overall family lifestyle takes time and works best when implemented gradually. And there can be many pitfalls and mistakes along the way that can set you back.


My goal is to educate you as best as possible through the transition and equip you with the tools to live well and nourish and protect your family without becoming obsessed with all the “health stuff”. Once you learn the fundamentals you will have the tools you need, and may only want to do the occasional check-in to make sure all your bases are still covered or to discuss a lab test result.


For a limited time I am still offering free discovery sessions. Book yours today using the calendar below. When you are ready to take the next step, you can book the Initial Consultation or purchase a package to get the best value.

A child's health is one of the primary concerns of any parent. However, understanding the underlying issues and the latest science behind them is an onerous task. Throw autism into the mix - a condition that is not yet fully understood even by experts - and suddenly a parent is thrust into a wild frontier of conflicting theories and research. Since getting to know Christian and having read his book, a lot of the key concepts and principles have been made clear and the information frontier is not as scary as it first appeared. With his help, I was able to understand the holistic approach to diet and nutrition, and, more importantly, be able to test and measure the relevant biomarkers involved. This has helped me address specific issues in my son's health and put other concerns to rest. Christian's integrity and genuine desire to do good are evident in every interaction. Coupled with the body of knowledge that he continues to expand, I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to integrate the methods of modern medicine into their lives and start addressing the causes instead of the symptoms.



Health Consulting Packages

Get the support you need and save resources with a package. Please note we are running the below discounted rates for a limited time only. Pricing will change later this year.

Starter 3-Month Support

Get out of a rut / Accelerate your health journey
£ 195
  • Initial Consultation (75-min)
  • 90-day health-building protocol tailored specifically for your child
  • 4 x 45-min consultation calls​
  • Help with ordering lab tests if required
  • Discounted lab test analysis and recommendation

6-Month Support

When you're ready to take it to the next level
£ 350
  • Initial Consultation (75-min)​
  • Initial protocol design and on-going course-correction recommendations
  • 8 x 45-min consultation calls​
  • Help with ordering lab tests
  • Free lab test results analysis and protocol recommendations (up to 2 tests)

Premium 12-Month Support

For truly lasting health and lifestyle transformation
£ 795
  • Initial Consultation (75-min)​​ + Protocol design + On-going course correction
  • 12 x 45-min consultation calls​
  • 6 x 25-min check-in sessions
  • Free Hair Mineral Analysis test and recommendations
  • Free lab test results analysis and recommendations (unlimited tests)

Free Learning Resources

There is a lot for parents to learn about children’s health, autism/ADHD/other conditions, diets, supplements, and the various hidden health challenges that often afflict our children. 

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    • The Healthy Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet for Autism, ADHD, and Gut Dysfunction

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