A stool test helps us identify specific organisms that may be contributing to gut dysfunction, which can cause a myriad problems in the rest of the body including sleep issues, skin problems, and even neurological symptoms. Some of the ways in which pathogens wreak havoc in the body include:

  • Keep the body in a state of chronic stress (which can contribute to other dysfunction)
  • Promote inflammation
  • Promote autoimmunity
  • Damage the intestinal lining
  • Increase oxidative stress levels
  • Contribute to liver congestion and dysfunction
  • Produce a variety of harmful products
  • Contribute to decreased beneficial bacteria
  • Cause malnutrition or nutrient deficiencies
  • Weaken the immune system
  • Increase food sensitivities
  • Create an environment conducive to proliferation of secondary overgrowths, biofilms, and further infestation

We offer our clients one of the most advanced gut tests on the market, the GI-Map, however we only advise running this test in specific circumstances. Watch the video below to see a sample report.

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