Autism Wellbeing Plan Resources

We recently launched a membership community platform that will be used to host premium health education content for parents and adults that want to take their their families’ health to the next level.

You can join now on the free member plan to get instant access to the free courses and a growing library of other valuable content that is published there before it goes on my podcasts, social media, books, etc.

The paid member plans include consultations and more resources that cover detox, gut health, lab testing, nutrition, stress reduction, pregnancy preparation/recovery, slowing down aging and longevity, autism and children’s health, and much more coming in the future. Whether you are in your 30s or 60s, a new parent or your kids are older, or you are a parent-to-be, there will be lots educational content to help you get healthy and stay healthy. You will be able to post questions and suggestions for future content and we’ll be having Q&A calls or presentations as the membership grows.

Click the button below to join and get immediate access to the free courses. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Free Member plan. Please note you will be re-directed to the members platform, which is hosted separately from this website.