Eliminating Adult Acne for Good – Interview with Leigh Brandon

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If you need an expert in eliminating adult acne, look no further than my friend Leigh Brandon. In this interview we talk about natural solutions to adult acne that you can begin implementing today.

Leigh is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, CHEK Practitioner, CHEK Faculty Instructor, Active Release Techniques® Therapist, author and podcast host. His extensive training and years of clinical experience has given Leigh the ability to provide a truly holistic approach to helping his clients over the years, which they have found very effective often times after other approaches hadn’t helped.

Leigh was (and still is) obsessed by sports as a child and has always been active. Aged 14, he began weight training in his school’s gym, and took up weight training seriously at 23. At the age of 27, he completed his first course with the American College of Sports Medicine and his career took off from there.

Since then, his passion for learning continues and he turns that knowledge into wisdom through the experience of what is now over 27 years working with clients. Leigh has always sought the ‘best of the best’ to learn from and is as passionate now about his work and gaining knowledge as much as he was in 1996, when his career in health, wellness and performance started.

Leigh has formally studied with some of the world’s greatest minds such as Paul Chek, Bill Wolcott, Dr John Veltheim, Dr Michael Leahy, and Dr Dietrich Klinghardt.

As well as being passionate about helping clients, Leigh has also been a member of the faculty of the world-renowned CHEK Institute since 2010 teaching and presenting in Europe, USA and Australia. He has also published five health and wellness books and has a number of online professional education programmes.

Connect with Leigh:

Eliminating Adult Acne for Good: https://amzn.to/3IBN3s3

Website – https://www.bodychek.co.uk/

Leigh’s books – https://www.bodychek.co.uk/books/

Eliminate Adult Acne Programme – https://skinwebinar.com/

HEAL THEM Education Programme – http://healthemeducation.vhx.tv/

Radical Health Rebel YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@radicalhealthrebelpodcast

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/radical-health-rebel/id1636884725

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