Addressing Addiction with Ibogaine w/ Jeremy Weate – Connecting Minds Podcast Ep06

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Today’s guest is Jeremy Weate, the CEO of Universal Ibogaine

Ibogaine is a the extract from the Iboga plant, which grows in West Africa places like Gabon, and is a sacrament in the Bwiti tradition. 

Ibogaine has tremendous potential to treat addictions and as someone who has seen first hand what addictions can do to people, families, and larger social groups, this is a cause very near and dear to me and I will support it anyway I can. That’s why I was delighted to when Jeremy agreed to come on the show.  

As you may know the opioid addiction crisis in North America affects many millions of people, heroin is just a tiny percentage of with prescription drugs being the real devastating agent. Of course Europe and Asia are steadily following suit and that’s just opiates. Let’s not forget stimulants like crack and cocaine, and of course the ubiquitous alcohol which is ravaging places like Ireland and the UK.

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Universal Ibogaine

Topics discussed on this episode:

  • Jeremy’s background and how he discovered iboga.
  • His initiation into Bwiti in Gabon.
  • The iboga experience and effect on the body.
  • Microdosing iboga – considerations and effects.
  • The ibogaine treatment process for addictions. The differences in approach between opiate vs stimulant addiction treatment.
  • The rationale behind using ibogaine HCL extract vs iboga root bark. 
  • The iboga/ibogaine integration process.
  • The preparation process for patients and the risks of ibogaine vs opioids.
  • The scale of the opioid crisis, beyond heroin, with opioid-based painkillers as a major contributor.
  • Universal Ibogaine’s direction and plans for the future.